Recovering from years of civil war, Burundians had been hopeful for peace after two democratic elections. Now, as violence grips Burundi in the wake of a contested presidential reelection bid, more than 112,000 people have fled to neighboring countries. The... read more

Central African Republic

For decades, the Central African Republic has experienced conflict. New waves of sectarian violence have displaced at least a million people and stunted the nation’s growth. The International Rescue Committee is providing emergency assistance while also helping the people of CAR to... read more


In February 2004, the International Rescue Committee deployed an emergency response team to Chad to support Sudanese refugees fleeing violence in Darfur. Since then, Chad has hosted more than 350,000 Sudanese refugees as the brutal conflict continues. The IRC has been there to support them... read more

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the world's least developed country in terms of life expectancy, education, standard of living and key ... read more


The International Rescue Committee delivers essential aid to over 100,000 refugees who have fled to Ethiopia from neighbouring countries like Somalia, Sudan and... read more

Ivory Coast

Political tensions in Ivory Coast once again erupted into war in late 2010, displacing over a million people within the country and across the border into Liberia.

The International Rescue Committee has expanded its efforts to meet Ivorians’ urgent needs like clean water,... read more


The International Rescue Committee has been working in Kenya since 1992, providing essentials like clean water, health care and shelter to tens of thousands of refugees escaping conflict and natural disaster in Somalia,... read more


The International Rescue Committee has been working in Liberia since 1996, initially helping hundreds of thousands of Liberian families rebuild after a devastating 14-year civil war as well as protecting refugees who fled violence in nearby Ivory Coast.

When an outbreak of Ebola... read more


Armed conflict and political instability in this West African nation added to the suffering of 3.5 million Malians already facing severe food shortages. Over 520,000 people have fled northern Mali in search of safe haven, and another 330,000 have been internally displaced. Mali’s crisis... read more


Niger is regularly hit by disasters including drought, flooding, cholera and locust swarms, and over half the population suffers from food shortages.  The country is also affected by strife in its neighboring countries, and conflicts in Libya, Mali and Nigeria have sent an influx of... read more


The International Rescue Committee began working in Nigeria in 2012, when it responded to the worst seasonal flooding the country had seen in 50 years. The IRC is currently supporting thousands of refugees fleeing the insecurity in the Northeast of the country. It is working with local... read more


The International Rescue Committee began relief operations in Rwanda immediately following the 1994 genocide, restoring infrastructure and providing emergency supplies.

Today, the IRC continues to... read more

Sierra Leone

The International Rescue Committee has been working to help stop Ebola in Sierra Leone since early 2014. The country is still recovering from a long and violent civil war that displaced two million people, killed more than 50,000 and fostered widespread abuse of human rights.

The... read more


The International Rescue Committee first began assisting Somalis in the early 1980s following the Somalia-Ethiopian conflict. Forced to halt programmes due to a resurgence of violence, the IRC restarted relief efforts in 2007, working with local authorities to provide... read more

South Sudan

After a long and brutal civil war, South Sudan seceded from Sudan in 2011. The International Rescue Committee has been one of the largest providers of aid in South Sudan for over 20 years. Today, as the world's newest nation is consumed by its own civil war, the IRC is providing... read more


Tanzania has been surrounded by conflict and has hosted refugees from Burundi, Rwanda and Democratic... read more


The International Rescue Committee has been working in Uganda since 1998, when conflict killed tens of thousands of people and displaced more than 1.6 million. Following a peace agreement in 2006, Ugandans are returning home and looking to rebuild their lives.

The IRC is there to... read more


The people of Zimbabwe have faced several crises in the last decade: economic free-fall and disintegrating public services, food and fuel scarcity and a number of health emergencies.

A 2008 power-sharing agreement created hope for change but the new Government of National Unity still... read more

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