Since the beginning of 2012, Mali has been facing a complex humanitarian crisis. Firstly, the country has been particularly affected by the drought that hit the Sahel region in 2011, putting over 4.5 million Malians at risk of hunger in 2012. Mali faces chronic malnutrition, in 2012 alone 175, 000 cases of severe acute malnutrition amongst children under the age of 5 are expected. In addition to the food and nutrition crisis, in January 2012 armed conflict began in northern Mali and was quickly followed by a coup d’etat in the capital, which destabilised the entire country. The armed conflict triggered massive displacement. Within Mali, 174,000 people are estimated to be displaced, whilst 268, 775 Malians are registered refugees in neighbouring countries. 

The International Rescue Committee began an emergency response in Mali in April 2012, with programmes targeting some of the neediest areas in both the north and south of the country. The IRC is providing much needed services including nutrition and health care, clean water and sanitation and the protection, education and development of children.

How we help
  • In the Kati district of southern Mali, the IRC has been working in 6 community health centres to treat severe acute malnutrition, promote child protection and repair water, sanitation and waste management systems. This programme is currently scaling up to reach 35 health centres, reaching a total population of 171,651 people.
  • In northern Mali, the IRC is preventing the spread of cholera by distributing water treatment kits, promoting good hygiene practices, and disinfecting water points in the high-risk areas along the Niger River in Ansongo.
  • In the Gao Region of northern Mali, the IRC is repairing water points in communities, health centres and schools to ensure access to clean water and promote good hygiene. The IRC is also providing safe and age appropriate activities and learning spaces for children.

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