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Can you guess where in the world these places are? Take the quiz

Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of a big city or the relaxing quiet of the countryside, the familiarity of home is different to each one of us, but should offer comfort to us all.

This quiz will test your knowledge of the places around the world people call home. Can you guess where these photos were taken? 

This photo was taken in 2011 - but which city is it?
  • Aleppo, Syria
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Marrakech, Morocco
Photo: VOA

Aleppo is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and is rich in history and culture. But a decade of war has devastated the city, killing thousands of people and leaving millions without a safe place to call home. Since 2012, the International Rescue Committee has helped nearly 1 million people through urgent medical care, job training and cash relief. Photo: VOA

Where are these snowy mountains?
  • Nepal
  • Canada
  • Pakistan

This photo was captured in Hunza Valley in northern Pakistan, bordering Afghanistan and China. Did you know that Pakistan is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world? The IRC helps people in Pakistan rebuild from natural disasters and give courageous parents the support they need through education, job training, to care for their children.

In which city were these unique buildings photographed?
  • Sanaa, Yemen
  • Lviv, Ukraine
  • Tecomán, Mexico
Photo: Felton Davis

These traditional buildings were once what made Yemen famous. Now the war keeps Yemen in the headlines. Yemen is facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis and we’re on the ground providing medical care, nutritious food and clean water. Photo: Felton Davis

These misty mountains belong to which country?
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Nigeria
  • Venezuela

This is the view from the top of Mt. Kahuzi in Kahuzi-Biega National Park, located in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. In November 2021, fighting in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo drove over 11,000 refugees into Uganda, most of whom are women and children. The IRC is assessing the situation and looking into preparing a response for those arriving in neighbouring Uganda.

The IRC first began working in Congo in 1996, providing emergency assistance and humanitarian aid to those affected by violence and uprooted from their homes. We also work with local communities to help them rebuild and to create education and health care programmes.

In which country is this beach?
  • El Salvador
  • Philippines
  • Bangladesh

This tranquil photo was taken in a country that has been called the world’s most violent country. Decades of civil war and recent U.S. deportations have led to a dramatic increase in gang violence in El Salvador.  The IRC provides emergency cash relief and lifesaving information services to people in El Salvador who have been uprooted by growing violence.

No matter where people are in the world, they deserve a safe place to call home. But this can be taken away in an instant. The IRC is on the ground, providing people with the support they need to rebuild their lives. We can only do this thanks to ongoing support from people like you. Will you take 2 minutes to make a donation to support our work?

Photo credits: 1: Craig Jenkins, 2: rasputin243, 3: Rod Waddington, 4: Forest Service / Olivia Freeman, 5: _Higher_