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Resettled in Europe: Big dreams for a new life

Meet a family that has begun a new life in Europe. 

Big dreams for their new lives

Name: Zakharia and Nizar
From: Palestine/Syria
Resettled to: Germany

Zakharia smiles as he talks about his new life in Germany. Photo: Y. O’Hayon-Crosby for the IRC.

Zakharia, 20, is Palestinian refugee. He had lived in Homs, Syria his whole life. After his school was destroyed he decided he had finally had enough of the war, and along with his cousin Nizar and their families, he fled the country.

“There are many young men between 18 and 40 years old who would have to join the army in Syria. Kill people. There are many people who don’t want to do that. That is why they had to flee.”

Zakharia and Nizar were then resettled to Germany, and both men are now slowly finding their feet in Munich. “I have two German friends. Sometimes we go to the park and hang out, and sometimes we go to the river. The people in Munich are very nice,” explains Nizar.

Both Zakharia and Nizar have big dreams for their new lives in Germany.

“I went to school in Syria for 11 years. I wanted to go to university and I wanted to study IT. But I could not do that because I had to leave my home,” says Zakharia.

“I had no idea how it would be in Germany. But it is nice here. There are several options to learn. That is what I like the most,” he continues.

“I want to do vocational training as an IT specialist. And then I would like to stay in Munich,” says Zakharia.

“In Syria I graduated from University with a degree in physiotherapy and I want to continue working in this field in Germany,” says Nizar. “Work is always good. And I want to help other people in Germany. Maybe I will volunteer in a resettlement programme.”

We can only do this together

Together, we can bring hope and humanity to a world that’s torn apart.

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