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Mother's Day

We have more in common than we might think

How would you describe your mum in one word? What have you learnt from your mum? What annoys you about your mum?

We asked people from around the world to answer these questions about their mothers. 4-year-old Ghena from Syria lives in a sprawling refugee camp in Jordan with her mum and baby brother, 34 year-old Andy is from the Scottish highlands and runs a restaurant in London, 26 year-old Bardha moved to Sweden as a refugee from Kosovo.

Ameer made his way from Sudan to Stoke-on-trent, Paolo left Rome to finish his PhD in London and Rachel left Seattle for the beauty of Rome. Evie has lived all four years of her life in Coventry. 9-year-old Hanife fled persecution in Afghanistan and lives in a refugee camp in Greece.

Sometimes when we come from different places it’s hard to imagine what we have in common. But this isn’t always the case. We can often be living parallel lives -- with the same hopes and aspirations for the future.

This Mother’s Day, we remember that a mother’s love is universal.

This Mother’s Day, join us - and share what we have in common.

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