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Together for Refugees

What home means

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Campaign Manager - Together for Refugees , International Rescue Committee

Home - for many of us - is an important place.

The campaign we've launched with Ben & Jerry's, Together for Refugees, recognises this. Whilst many of us enjoy the safety of home, for people fleeing conflict and violence, home and safety can feel far away. 

We asked what home means to you - and here's the result. Watch, and share with your friends.

We can only do this together

Together, we can bring hope and humanity to a world that’s torn apart.

Join Ben & Jerry's and the International Rescue Committee and email your representative. You can help vulnerable refugees reach safety. Ben and Jerry’s latest flavour, Home Sweet Honeycomb has been launched to help spread the word. The more people who are together for refugees – the more likely it is that we can make this happen. Get involved and learn more here.