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Responding to crisis

Europe Refugee Crisis - Policy Focus


Tens of thousands of desperate children, women and men in search of international protection remain in Greece. A long-term refugee crisis, with thousands stranded living in camps, is unfolding on European soil. Meanwhile slow progress is being made to develop more safe and legal pathways to Europe. Refugees fleeing persecution and violence continue to take dangerous and traumatic journeys to reach the continent.

The IRC's response in Europe

The International Rescue Committee works in Greece, Serbia and with partner organisations in Central and Eastern Europe. In Greece, the IRC is responding to the humanitarian crisis by providing clean water and sanitation, information services for refugees, and specialised protection services for the most vulnerable. In Serbia, we are supporting local organisations to provide basic aid and gender-based violence response services for women and girls.

In Brussels and across Europe, we are advocating for better solutions for refugees on the continent, including action to speed up the process of relocating stranded refugees in Greece to other European countries. We are working with EU decision makers to influence the development of a structured process for resettling refugees and calling for better more and better aid to countries hosting refugees elsewhere in the world.

Below you will find all of our operational briefings, policy briefings and reports on the refugee crisis in Europe.