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Match-funded campaigns

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What is a match funded-campaign?

A match-funded campaign is an opportunity for supporters to increase their impact on specific appeals. During a match campaign, every donation a supporter gives is doubled, so a £1 donation becomes £2, and a £100 donation becomes £200. In a triple match campaign gifts are tripled, so a £10 donation becomes £30. All donations will be matched until the match giving fund we’ve been allocated for a campaign is exhausted.

Where does the match money come from?

It depends on the campaign, but most IRC match campaigns are run with the help of our generous partners. This might be a corporate partner, or the philanthropists who make up The Fifty One.

Often the donor will prefer to remain anonymous. We will always protect the privacy of our donors, as detailed in our Supporter Promise

Why doesn’t the match fund get donated directly?

We’re grateful for the support of our partners, but the work of the IRC also relies on the support of individuals. By setting up a match fund rather than making a direct donation, our partners know that not only will their investment go further, they’re also giving individuals a chance to double or triple their impact. Sometimes, a partner will have given large amounts directly in the past, and might want to try doing something a bit different. Match campaigns allow us to increase the reach of our appeals, and mean that we can raise even more money, which helps to fund our life saving work in over 40 countries.

What is UK Aid Match?

The money raised through the Protecting Milestones Appeal, between 3 May – 3 August 2022, along with the triple donation match provided by the UK government and a private IRC donor, will allow the IRC to continue helping parents raise healthy children by treating malnutrition, providing nutritious meal packs, offering education and more so kids are able to achieve key milestones and reach their full potential.

UK Aid Match brings charities, the British public and the UK government together to collectively change the lives of some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. For every £1 donated to a UK Aid Match charity appeal, the UK government will also contribute £1 of UK aid, up to £2 million, to help these projects go further in changing and saving lives.

Your support, and the match funds provided by the UK government, is vital to funding the IRC’s life-changing programs around the world. Your donation will support our work in more than 40 countries worldwide, whereas the funds provided by the UK government will go to a new programme to treat malnutrition in northeast Nigeria.

If you would like to find out more about UK Aid Match and how it works, please visit the UK Aid Match website here: https://www.ukaidmatch.org/

If you have any further questions about match funding, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on contactus [at] rescue-uk.org, or give us a call on +44 (0)203 983 9000.