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Together for Refugees

Evidence and policy recommendations

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Learn more about the IRC's evidence and policy reccomendations behind the Together for Refugees campaign.

The Union Resettlement Framework

Making the most of a golden opportunity: Recommendations on the Union Resettlement Framework

The IRC has worked on refugee resettlement for decades, and we have used this experience to advocate for an EU-wide refugee resettlement scheme. We therefore regard the proposal to establish a Union Resettlement Framework as a golden opportunity for the EU to save lives and rescue futures by introducing structured refugee resettlement in Europe. This briefing calls on Members of the European Parliament to ensure that the Framework is an ambitious, humanitarian and sustainable contribution to global resettlement efforts.

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Saving lives and rescuing futures: recommendations for a humanitarian and sustainable Union Resettlement Framework

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Refugee Resettlement in Europe

Rescuing Futures: Europe’s Vital Role in Refugee Resettlement

At a time when over 65 million people globally have been forced from their homes, this report—which follows IRC’s policy brief Pathways to Protection and builds upon the IRC’s extensive operational resettlement expertise —makes the case for increased and improved refugee resettlement in Europe. 

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Pathways to Protection

There is an urgent need for the EU to adopt policy that directly addresses the global crisis of forced displacement by providing expanded legal routes to protection, and offering the urgent safety sought by refugees. In this report, the IRC calls upon the EU to resettle at least 108,000 refugees per year, or a minimum of 540,000 over five years. The report includes a model distribution key which suggests how many refugees could be resettled to each Member State, depending on its wealth and population.

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European Commission proposal for a regulation establishing a Union Resettlement Framework

In this paper, Caritas Europa, the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME), the European Council for Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC Europe), the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and the Red Cross EU office comment on the European Commission’s proposal for a Union Resettlement Framework and set out a series of recommendations to ensure the Framework maintains the humanitarian essence of resettlement.

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Joint statement: No Time to Waste

NGOs including the IRC call upon EU institutions and Member States to expand the use of safe and legal channels for refugees.

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