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Making the most of a golden opportunity: Recommendations on the Union Resettlement Framework

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The IRC has long advocated for an EU-wide refugee resettlement scheme. Resettlement, when based on humanitarian principles and accompanied by adequate integration efforts, is a vital tool for international protection, a durable solution for the most vulnerable refugees, and an expression of international solidarity with those regions hosting the majority of the world’s refugees. We therefore regard the proposal to establish a Union Resettlement Framework as a golden opportunity for the EU to save lives and rescue futures by introducing structured refugee resettlement in Europe.

However, we remain concerned to ensure that the Framework does not depart from long-established resettlement principles in favour of migration management and current foreign policy objectives. At this crucial stage in negotiations, we welcome the European Parliament Rapporteur’s Draft Report, which we believe successfully retains the humanitarian essence of resettlement as a durable solution for the most vulnerable refugees. Only in this way will EU resettlement represent a meaningful contribution to global resettlement efforts with the ability to turn the refugee crisis into a long-term opportunity, for refugees and for Europe.

The attached briefing makes a number of recommendations to MEPs regarding the amendments made by the Rapporteur, and argues for the importance of structured resettlement in the EU.

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