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Needs Assessment Report: Burkina Faso - Sahel Region

Since July 2018, Burkina Faso has started to see an increase in violent incidents involving militant groups causing internal displacement in the North, Sahel, Central-North and East regions. Internally displaced persons are predominantly residing within host-communities, others are in IDP sites in the Centre-Nord region. As of the time of writing, 70% of the IDP population resides in the Sahel region, and 27% of the overall displaced population currently reside in the Sahel town of Djibo. Because of this relatively new increase in displacements (2019 was responsible for over half of the current 135,000 displaced Burkinabe) humanitarian response is relatively new to the country where most actors are working on the development side. Coordination is only in the very early stages and few needs assessments have been completed in the affected regions (UNHCR conducted one in the Sahel and ACF has recently completed one in the East). The International Rescue Committee entered Burkina Faso in late March to begin an emergency needs assessment. The assessment began in Ouagadougou to conduct key informant interviews with other actors in country and to determine the priority location for this assessment details of which are included below. Primary data collection was then conducted in Djibo to better understand priority needs of displaced Burkinabe and any gaps in the services currently available.

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