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Seven steps to scaling cash relief

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In 2016 we joined other donors and humanitarian actors to commit to increase the use of humanitarian cash as part of the Grand Bargain, an agreement negotiated between donors and aid organisations. Since then, we have implemented a set of organisational reforms to achieve such a scale up which are of relevance to the wider humanitarian community. We define the Seven Steps to Scaling Cash Relief as:

1.      Set an ambitious target for cash relief

2.      Improve cash relief finance tracking

3.      Introduce a ‘Cash First’ approach – choosing cash where appropriate and possible

4.      Build the evidence base using cash relief across outcomes

5.      Expand better and faster cash relief using digital payments

6.      Develop safe, more secure cash relief delivery

7.      Measure efficiency and performance metrics

This briefing outlines the ways in which these steps have contributed to IRC’s rapid scale up of cash relief and calls for a transparent discussion among Grand Bargain signatories on the progress and pitfalls we face along the way to meeting commitments to increase cash programming.

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