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How the IRC helps in Ethiopia

Since 2000, the IRC has provided a wide range of assistance for refugees living in camps and for Ethiopian communities throughout the country that have been affected by drought, flooding, conflict and COVID-19.

  • The IRC helps children whose families were displaced by conflict in Ethiopia and now live in Qoloji camp, in the south of the country, to continue their education. This work is supported with funds from the European Union. (Photo: Mekbib Tadesse/IRC)

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  • Zainab Bare fled violence in Somalia with her family and now lives in Helowyn refugee camp, where she helps raise awareness about women’s rights and IRC services available to survivors of abuse. (Photo: Martha Tadesse/IRC)

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  • Best friends Zahara Adem, 10 (left) and Shenkeron Abdi, 13 are part of an IRC program in Helowyn that equips refugee girls with life skills, including decision-making and developing trust and friendships. (Photo: Martha Tadesse/IRC)

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