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Syrian lives

“I find their words motivating”

Volunteering at an IRC-run clinic in Jordan has given this Syrian mother hope to aspire for a better future.

  • Amira speaks to patients at the Mafraq health clinic that provides critical services to refugees and other vulnerable people. Photo: Timea Fauszt/IRC

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  • Amira prepares patient files and helps visitors identify the documents they need for treatment. Photo: Timea Fauszt/IRC

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  • After a tiring, yet rewarding day at work, Amira returns home and is greeted by her smiling 10-year-old daughter Bilal and her youngest child Mohammad. Photo: Timea Fauszt/IRC

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  • Amira enjoys cooking with her children. She made a simple dish with white rice and a hot yogurt sauce, ingredients she purchased with food vouchers she receives from other aid agencies. Photo: Timea Fauszt/IRC

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  • Amira and her four children sit together on the beige tiled floor in their apartment for a late lunch. The children eagerly share stories about their day at school. Photo: Timea Fauszt/IRC

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  • 10-year-old Bilal enjoys her lunch with her family while she watches cartoons on a small television.  Photo: Timea Fauszt/IRC

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  • Five-year-old Mohammad roller-skates around the house. Photo: Timea Fauszt/IRC

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