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Rebuilding a damaged education system

Meet the IRC educators who did not give up on Sierra Leone's children

Education is too often a casualty of crisis. Meet some International Rescue Committee educators who did not give up on Sierra Leone’s children, even during the height of the Ebola outbreak. Working with teachers and parents, they found creative ways - from study groups to supporting the government's educational radio programmes - to ensure kids could continue to learn. Now they continue coaching teachers and work closely with school management committees to help rebuild a damaged education system and encourage families to send their children back to school.

  • Edward Fayia in Kenema, Sierra Leone

    "Children were excited to go back to school. Parents were invited see for themselves the safety measures that have been put in place. If they go and see the school clean, and see the sanitation and hygiene materials there, it will give them confidence, and they can encourage other parents to send their children back as well."

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  • Paul Endoko in Kono, Sierra Leone

    “Children were happy when the government set up the radio teaching programmes, and with the small learning groups initiative. We heard that children from neighbouring villages also wanted to join, and parents are eager to see the children go back to learning.”

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  • Michael Brassay in Kono, Sierra Leone

    “Schools being closed for this time will present many challenges. Some children are now engaged in child labour or street trading. We have to double our efforts and work with the parents, to ensure they encourage their children go back to school.”

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  • Sahr Andrew Musa in Kono, Sierra Leone

    “As learning coaches, we work closely with teachers. We bring teachers from various schools together so they can share ideas on how to improve their schools. Ebola has had a very strong impact on the country. Education was destroyed by it. That was a big blow to Sierra Leone.”  

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  • Patrick Pessima in Kono, Sierra Leone

    “Community members now see why it is important to pay attention to the education of their children. Looking at the outbreak and the devastating effects it has had on education, parents are aware that they have to support their children’s schooling.”

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