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Staff leaders

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The International Rescue Committee’s staff leadership board and senior leaders group manage the strategy and implementation of the IRC’s humanitarian work worldwide.

Europe Senior Management

Sanj Srikanthan

Acting Senior Vice President Europe & Executive Director

Mick Dyson

Director of Finance and Operations 

Emma Bolton  

Senior Director of Fundraising – Europe

Melanie Ward

Director of Policy and Advocacy

Aska Pickering

Deputy Vice President, Awards Management Unit

Laura Kyrke Smith

Associate Director, Communications and Special Projects

Imogen Sudbery

Head of Brussels Office 

Tineke Ceelen

Director of Stichting Vluchteling

Alyoscia D'Onofrio

Director of Geneva Office 

Ralph Achenbach

Managing Director and Country Representative Germany 

Stefan Lehmeier

Deputy Country Representative Germany


IRC Staff Leadership Board

David Miliband

President and CEO

Ciaran Donnelly

Senior Vice President, International Programmes

David Johnson

Chief Financial Officer

Jodi Nelson

Senior Vice President, Policy and Practice

Madlin Sadler

Senior Vice President, Operations and Strategy

Amanda Seller

Senior Vice President, Revenue

Jennifer Sime

Senior Vice President, United States Programmes

Dana Freyer

Interim General Counsel

Sanj Srikanthan

Acting Senior Vice President Europe & Executive Director

Senior Leaders Group

Comprising the Leadership Board, plus:

Alyoscia D'Onofrio

Senior Technical Director, Governance

Amanya Michael Ebye

Regional Director, Democratic Republic of Congo

Bob Kitchen

Director, Emergency Preparedness and Response Unit

Chris Honsberger

Chief Global Supply Chain Officer

Colleen Ryan

Vice President, Communications

Danusia Dzierzbinski


Debi Wheeler

Regional Director, Atlantic

Ellen Beattie

Senior Director of Programme Quality, United States Programmes

Em Fackler

Chief Information Officer

Giselle Holloway

Director, Development

Hans Van de Weerd

Vice President, United States Programmes

Jason Phillips

Deputy Vice President, International Strategic Initiatives

Jeannie Annan

Senior Technical Director, Research Evaluation and Learning

Jelle Boot

Acting Chief Human Resources Officer

Judson Flanagan

Vice President, International Operations

Kate Phillips-Barasso

Director, Policy and Advocacy

Kurt Tjossem

Regional Director, Horn and East Africa and Zimbabwe

Mania Boyder

Vice President, Development

Mark Schnellbaecher

Regional Director, Syria Regional Response

Mireille Cronin Mather

Regional Director, Pacific

Nazanin Ash

Vice President, Public Policy and Advocacy

Nicole Behnam

Senior Technical Director, Violence Prevention and Response Technical Unit

Pamela Kournetas

Senior Director, Financial Planning and Analysis

Paul Taylor

Regional Director, West Africa, Sahel, Central African Republic and Haiti

Radha Rajkotia

Senior Technical Director, Economic Recovery and Development

Ravi Gurumurthy

Vice President, Strategy and Innovation

Robin Dunn Marcos

Senior Director, Resettlement and Processing

Sanj Srikanthan

Acting Senior Vice President Europe & Executive Director

Sanna Johnson

Regional Director, Asia, Caucasus and Middle East

Sarah Smith

Senior Technical Director, Education

Tineke Ceelen

Executive Director, Stichting Vluchteling